Q : When is the best time to come to get photos done?

A : NOW! We typically book 3-6 weeks out but if you are holding off booking because of the typical excuses I will tell you now is the time! You may gain 10lbs this year, you are in fact getting older, your daughter may take a job in Asia and we can style your hair and make it look great at any length so lets do it!

Q : Do I get digitals of my photos and how many do I get?

A : For every photograph you purchase you receive a digital file in the same size. For example, if you purchase a matted 7x10 photo at your reveal you will receive a link to your personal gallery where you can download the image sized 7x10. You get all of the digitals of the photos you purchase. The headshot package comes with 3 digital images sized for social media, print and includes a high resolution file designers and or printers.

Q : I just want digitals, is it possible to forgo the prints?

A : For headshots YES… Contemporary Portraits portraits always comes with a print. We are a full service studio and we pride ourselves on making this experience fun and easy. So instead of your photos sitting on a usb key we print them for you so you have something beautiful and tangible to keep forever!  

Q : I want to have my family come in, do you do that?

A : Sure do! We typically ask the ladies to come in first for hair and makeup and some solo and groups shots, then we invite the boys/men to come in for the last half an hour. Most families happily agree to this arrangement.

Q : I am expecting a baby and would love to get some shots of me and my belly. When would you recommend I come in?

A : Congratulations! The best time to show off that growing bump of yours is 28 - 30 weeks, let's get you booked in now to avoid disappointment!

Q : How much do you photoshop?

A : The studio rule of thumb is to make you look like you had the greatest sleep of your ENTIRE life, but still look like YOU! If you have something that you are self conscious about or would like touched up please let us know at the consultation and we will happy to work with your requests.

Q : I had my photo taken before and HATED IT, what makes this experience so different?

A : We plan, prepare and get to know each other before we even bring the camera in to the equation. When we do introduce the camera you are guided through various poses that fit your shoot plan and flatter your body type. You are NEVER expected to get in front of my lens and just know what you are doing.

Q : What is a Folio Box?

A : It is a box that holds your photographs. The Folio Boxes we carry at the studio are made in Italy with the highest quality Italian leather. The front looks like a frame and has a window that displays your photographs. They hold 7 x 10 prints matted to a final size of 11x14, the boxes hold as little as 6 prints and as many as 30. The best part about the folio box is if you want to refresh your photo you just have to crack it open and shuffle your photos to display a new one!

Q : I have some serious allergies, what kind of makeup do you use?

A : I am glad you asked! We use Beautycounter products at the studio. When researching safe and quality makeup products Beautycounter came out on top every time! The beautiful thing about this line is it lists EVERY ingredient so if you have a known allergy we can double check the products to ensure you won’t have a reaction!

Q : I love your work but want to do a shoot outside of your studio, do you do that?

A : Absolutely! We can come to your home or hit a beach or park. We discuss location in your consultation. If you are outside of the Belleville area a travel fee will be applied to your shoot fee. If you are wanting a something BIG and adventurous check out our event page for on location shoots happening all over the world!

Q : Do you offer framing?

A : We are a full service studio which includes print enlargements and custom framing. We also do albums, slideshows, videos and upon request, can accommodate almost any other way you can think of to display your photographs.

Q : How long does it take to get my photos back?

A : For headshots we guarantee delivery of your selected photographs in 4 week days. For Contemporary Portraits we will schedule the revel a maximum of 3 weeks after your shoot date.

Q : Is there parking at the studio?

A : There is but it is tight. It is located at the back of the building off Victoria Ave. If you do not feel comfortable parking in the back we are happy to reimburse you for parking at the pay lot located across Pinnacle Street on the south side of the street at the end of Patterson Street.

Q :  I don’t wear makeup and typically just wash and go my hair. I don’t want to look too made up or incredibly different then I do day to day. Can you do that?

A : This experience is all about YOU! We cover how you would like your hair and makeup in the consultation and on the day of, we follow your plan! If, for any reason, you do not like something about your hair and makeup, even if you feel it's a small thing we encourage you to let us know!  We won’t be offended. We want you to feel your and look your best!

Q : What if I HATE my photos?

A : We do our very best to ensure you LOVE your photos. If in the end you are not happy with your photographs, you are not obligated to purchase them. In certain instances we will schedule a reshoot.

Q : Do you offer payment plans?

A : Yes we do on a case by case basis. Let's set up a chat to talk about your options.