Who's Had Their Head Shot.... Michelle Durkin

Michelle Durkin owns and operates the Quinte Naturopathic Centre in Belleville, Ontario. she is a naturopathic doctor committed to providing excellent individualized medical care in a warm and professional environment. Michelle helps patients create health instead of just fixing disease, with education, coaching, and the modalities of naturopathic medicine. This in turn has a ripple effect on patient families and their communities.

Dr. Michelle Durkin came to the studio with a specific project in mind which involved ye ol’ saying  “An Apple a Day”. I freakin love when my clients have a vision and bring what they are working on to the studio so we can build a visual story around it! Dr. Durkin also really wanted to visually communicate that Naturopaths are indeed Doctors so we discussed what the mainstream idea of a doctor is and worked in some visual que’s in her images.

If you are interested in having your head shot or would like to come in and discuss an idea, project or just have a good old thought shower, REACH OUT! We look forward to planning and creating images that will help boost your confidence and business! 👇🏻

Hair & Makeup by Melissa Payton of KOR Studio | Location, Downtown (Front Street) , Belleville Ontario