When was the last time.....


When was the last time you’ve been photographed professionally? A question I ask my clients at every session. Not only does it give me a good idea of how a person will feel and move in front of the camera BUT most times it reminds them of a beautiful moment in their life that I LOVE hearing about!

Around the holidays Linda & Merrill visited the studio to have Linda’s portrait done to celebrate her milestone birthday. As soon as they came in you could tell they were a dedicated and loving couple that you just wanted to be around. As Linda was getting her makeup done we were small talking and I (as I do) asked “Linda, when was the last time you had your photograph professionally done?” Merrill who was sipping a coffee on the couch started to chuckle and scroll through his phone. Moments later he proudly presented the photo above, Linda at the age of 1 or 2!

Now, I am not one to share secrets (especially when it comes to my clients age) but I am sure Linda won’t mind me saying that the photo Merrill was passing around was made several decades ago. I was shocked that there was such a gap in the photographic history of Linda’s life, she is a mother (now grandmother), wife, she retired from a job she enjoyed and is heavily involved in politics and her community wherever she lives and she only had this (albeit beautiful) professional baby portrait.

My mother in law had some health issues around the same time as Linda’s shoot and I started thinking about what photographs my daughter would have of her Nana, god forbid anything were to happen. Chole (my daughter) isn’t going to want a photograph of her Nan when she was 15, because she didn’t know that person, she will want one of her the way she knows her, just as my husband would want a photograph of his mother the way he remembers her. Portraits are so much more than a representation of one's physical self, it is a memory, a feeling, and a bond to those you love and to those who love you. The next week you bet my mother and father inlaw where in my studio regardless of their kicking and screaming and I am proud to say Chloe has a beautiful portrait of her Nan and Pop.

Linda and Merrill you really opened my eyes to just how important it is to have a beautiful portrait made of yourself at every stage of your life, not only to for you to celebrate yourself but to give to your loved ones. It was such an honour to meet and photograph you! I trust you and your family will cherish your portraits from now until forever!

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Stephanie Trattner