When was the last time.....

When was the last time you’ve been photographed professionally? A question I ask my clients at every session. Not only does it give me a good idea of how a person will feel and move in front of my camera BUT most times it reminds them of a beautiful moment in their life that I LOVE hearing about!

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Stephanie Trattner
Who's Had Their Head Shot.... Michelle Durkin

Michelle Durkin owns and operates the Quinte Naturopathic Centre in Belleville, Ontario. she is a naturopathic doctor committed to providing excellent individualized medical care in a warm and professional environment. Michelle helps patients create health instead of just fixing disease, with education, coaching, and the modalities of naturopathic medicine. This in turn has a ripple effect on patient families and their communities.

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Mothers & Photographs

As May is fast approaching and the day we collectively celebrate all mothers in upon us (May 12th this year FYI)  I have been thinking about what I can say that could possibly pay tribute to all of the beautiful, kick butt, strong, smart, loving Mamas and Mamas to be that grace our studio.

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