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The Consultation

Scheduled after your booking is confirmed, a coffee date consultation will be arranged for us to plan your dream shoot! We will go over set design, how you can prepare for the shoot (everything from manicures to H20 intake), how you would like your hair and makeup done and how to decide what to wear to ensure you end up with photos you’re excited to share with the world!


The Shoot

Come in, have a coffee, sit down and feel like Gisele Bündchen because this day is all about YOU! The talented team at Stephanie Trattner Photography will make your shoot easy and ultra fun! We begin with hair and make-up application, then move on to your big shoot!

  • Headshot shoots for men typically run an hour and go through 3 looks

  • Headshot shoots for women typically run two hours go through 3 looks

  • Luxury Portrait Shoots typically run 3 hours and have up to 5 set and wardrobe changes.

  • If you are coming as a group add a half an hour per person per session.


The Portrait Reveal

This is the BEST part, the hard work is over and we get to sit back and bask in your beauty! Approximately 3 weeks after your shoot we get together for a private showing of the collection of your portraits, all of which are retouched to the highest of standards and professionally printed and matted. My hope is that for every image you look at you think "Wow! That's me? I look beautiful!"

For headshots we know that time is money, so we review your photos with you in real time at the shoot to ensure you are satisfied with the shots. The turnaround time for your headshot images is 3-4 days.



Before & After’s